The Headway design philosophy incorporates ergonomics, hardware engineering, and industrial design for a product experience that is uniquely surgeon-first. Each feature was engineered for comfort, control, and ease-of-use.

Fit for every head.

Headway’s rigid faceplate attaches to a flexible band comfortable for many hours of wear.  Easily secured snap fits accommodate a range of head sizes and shapes.  Feel free to wear Headway above or below your bouffant, or above your scrub cap.

Battery life for the entire day.

A 3V coin cell battery powers the Headway Headset for up to 20 hours of continuous usage.  Headway was built with your busiest days in mind.

You control the action.

The Headway Headset pairs with a new Hardware Box in just 3 seconds, allowing you to take command and start gesturing immediately.  The system is pre-tuned for your comfort and requires only 9º of head turn in either direction to span the screen.  A smoothing algorithm removes any on-screen shakiness, letting you and your team focus on executing the surgery.  And, voice control lets you decide when the device turns on (“Headway on”) and off (“Headway off”).

Precision engineering in a compact envelope.

The Headway Hardware Box was designed to fit on top of your laparoscopic tower and beneath the monitor, occupying as little real estate as possible. The Headway Hardware Box is 3.2 inches tall, 7.2 inches wide, and 5.3 inches deep (82 x 182 x 134 mm).

Disinfect in seconds.

The outward face of the Headway Hardware Box has a IP65 rating for limited ingress of particulates.  Its stainless steel and Valox PBT plastic housing were carefully selected to be easily wiped down in between surgeries.  

Ultimate compatibility.

The Headway Hardware box uses DVI input and output, the standard across all industry leaders in laparoscopic systems.

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