The Headway team spent time understanding surgeons’ needs, developing new technological solutions, and testing them in simulation environments. Headway has received accolades and acknowledgment for addressing an unmet need within hospital safety and integrating seamlessly into clinical workflows.


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Rothberg Catalyzer

At the heart of its mission, Headway is about improving the experience of minimally invasive surgery. Headway began by looking closely at the surgical team, and refining its product based on extensive user interviews and testing.

Integrated Product Design

Headway began as an Integrated Product Design masters thesis. The program, which combines the rigors of engineering, sustainable business modeling, and the human-centered design, creates products that fit user needs.

Pennvention Press Release

Congratulations to Headway for winning the Grand Prize in Pennvention, Penn’s premier tech innovation competition held each spring.

Pennovation  Accelerator Summer 2020 cohort

The Headway team is excited to be part of the 2020 Pennovation Accelerator Cohort to develop our product into a business, and fail & learn along the way

Surgery Observation

The team behind Headway closely observed minimally invasive surgeries to create a product that fits within the operating team workflow and understands surgeon’s needs.

Surgeon Validation

Working closely with surgeons and clinicians, Headway was validated with leaders and educators in minimally invasive surgery for a product that fits their workflow and needs.

Simulation Lab Tested

Headway also worked closely with surgical residents, who are the surgeons of tomorrow, to observe current medical education and design a device that will work for their skill set.

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